All In One Led Solar Street Lights- HY19 Series

Model YH19 Series modularized all in one LED solar street lights, integrated designed lamp body; There are 4 working modes for most scenarios which can be easily switched by remote or simply push the botton on the lampbody; From the indicator lights the end users can easily tell which working modes was chosed; The light source adopts OSRAM 5050# LED chip, luminous efficiency of every single LED bead as high as 150 lm/W; With latest ALS2.0 power management solution this model can perfectly functional in the long rainy days.

Model: GS-YH19X-30W 丨GS-YH19-30W 丨GS-YH19-40W 丨GS-YH19-50W 丨GS-YH19-60W

LED Street Light Power30W40W50W60W
Luminous Efficacy3,000LM4,000LM5,000LM8,000LM
Detachable Pole3M3M/ 3.5M4M/ 5M5M

Modularized LED Solar Street Lights


1. Modularized design for easier troubleshooting and maintainance;
2. High brightness meets outdoor lighting requirements;
3. Long back up power unit for continuous rainy days.

Place Recommended:

● Parking lot;
● Open space of factories;
● Roads of remote areas, countryside roads;
● Sidewalk of residential area, communities;
● Pathway of scenic spots, tourist attractions and city parks;

We all know the advantages of all in one LED solar street lights, especially the all in one integrated solar street lights, but do you know the advantages of our patented 3 segments detachable pole?

In the last five years, we constantly encountered issues with street light pole ( lamp post ), we have good solar street lights, easy for transportation and installation; But street light poles are usually a tricky part, why?

1). The traditional tapered poles are long and heavy, a street light pole usually higher than 3 meters, it hardly be shipped via Less container load shipment, but sometimes what customer ordered only takes less than half of a 20 feet cotainer’s capacity, they wasted money on shipping freight.

2). The traditional tapered poles are not easy for installation, it’s at least 3 workers’ job to put up a pole, sometimes a middle-sized crane will be needed in the installation process, all the cost of labor and machine could be a lot of money.

3). The traditional tapered poles are not aesthetic. It’s hardly to bring such outdated street light pole into a modern city street or community pathway.

When our customers were facing those issues, we made up our mind to find a solution, our R&D team came up the idea from radio antenna and final we are the first one released the detachable 3 segments pole, it is the perfect match for our integrated solar street lights GS-YH series. From above demo vedio you can see how easy it is to pack the pole, no matter how many sets you order, it can be easily shipped via Less Container Load shipping way, save cost of shipping freight! You can see how convenient it is to install the pole, and only need one worker to do the installation, save cost of labor and rent a crane machine!

As long as the pole issues been take care of, the last mile of a long run will be finished. Different from other factories, we offer you the whole solution package of integrated solar street lights and its pole, when you save money by using our products, we will be so proud and grateful.

Specification LED Solar Street Lights

Model No.GS-YH19-30WGS-YH19-40WGS-YH19-50WGS-YH19-60W
Luminous Efficiency3,000lm4,000lm5,000lm8,000lm
LED quantity5W*18PCS5W*24PCS5W*30PCS5W*30PCS
Solar Panel27V46W27V59W24V70W24V70W
Solar Panel Dimension (mm)882*347768*346768*346768*346
Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)19.2V 276.48WH19.2V 345.6WH19.2V 460.8WH19.2V 460.8WH
Product Dimension (mm)907*372*2341150*372*2341345*372*1331345*372*133
Packing Dimension (mm)985*450*2501230*450*2501430*450*250 1430*450*250
Mounting Height Recommended3~3.5m4m5m5~8m
Post Intervals Recommended10~12m10~12m15~20m20~25m
Detachable Pole RecommendedGS-YLP- 3m/ 3.5mGS-YLP- 4mGS-YLP- 5mGS-YLP- 5m



Light powerPlaces recommended
●  30W~40W

Pathway of garden/ Parking lot/ Footpath of park/ Road of tourist area/ Roads of residential area

●  40W~50WStreet of industrial park/ Street of residential area/ Parking lot/ Road of countryside/
Road of remote areas/ Road of tourist area
●  60WUrban main road/ Road of factory & school /Street of industrial park /Parking lot /
Road of countryside/ Road of remote areas/ Main street of urban area

3 Segments Detachable Pole Packaging Details

Top segmentφ68.5mm*730mmφ68.5mm*1220mmφ68.5mm*300mmφ68.5mm*1300mm
Middle segmentφ102.5mm*1170mmφ102.5mm*1170mmφ102.5mm*1900mmφ102.5mm*1900mm
Bottom segmentφ142.5mm*1100mmφ142.5mm*1100mmφ142.5mm*1800mmφ142.5mm*1800mm
Tube thickness3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.5mm

GS-YH19 All In One LED Solar Street Lights Project Cases

You may ask

LiFePO4 stands for Lithium Iron Phosphate, this is the chemistry of our 12 volt lithium batteries. This is the safest, toughest and most cost effective form of lithium battery available today. These types of batteries are also called LFP batteries.

Gatesea is a running well factory and every day there are thousands pcs of all kind of solar lights are produced, And normally there are materials ready in stock for hundreds pcs. So we never set a MOQ requirement for any models of lights. So you can start to try our quality easily. For samples order, we normally only need 1~3 days depends on your quantity and type of products.

Yes, Gatesea believe the fastest and the most efficienct way is to cooperate with all greatest customers based OEM business. With that Gatesea is able to provide a good products under the customers’ reputation which is impossible to be build up with short time. So Gatesea prefers to use your ready marketing channels and just let Gatesea’s products running there. OEM are welcomed. 🙂

For all in one LED solar street lights we need MOQ 500pcs / order. Because every order of color box need to be 1000pcs that we have to print from our packing suppliers. If quantity is less than 500pcs, then there will be a extra cost 350usd for extra color box that you are supposed to pay as a “deposit”, then next time for second order when total quantity reaches to 500pcs, we will refund this 350usd to you in time

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